About Us

The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University is comprised of eleven distinct Medical Specialties known as Divisions. These Divisions, working in conjunction with the community doctors who comprise our Primary Care offerings, provide patients with an outstanding level of care both within the Brown affiliated hospitals and throughout several community-based clinical locations.

In addition to patient services, several of our Divisions offer exceptional programs for Residents and Fellows within their designated areas of expertise. Our Residents and Fellows enjoy an outstanding diversity of patients, superb facilities, excellent faculty, a balanced curriculum, and a supportive nurturing environment in which they are challenged to reach their full potential. Electronic integration of our Residency and Fellowship brochures as well as the inclusion of on-line applications have allowed us to reach out to prospective candidates and provide them with the information and resources they seek in real time.

Research is a primary focus of all the Divisions within our Department. In 1998, the recruitment of Dr. Edward Wing as the Chief of Medicine signaled the acceleration of an already growing and expansive commitment to basic and clinical research. Research funding at Rhode Island Hospital and The Miriam Hospital alone grew from $9.9 million in 1997 to over $19.2 million in 2001 – an increase of 94%. Over 75% of current funding comes from federal programs such as NIH, HRSA, CDC, and HHS. Total research funding for all Brown affiliated hospitals has exceeded $25 million for the year 2002.

The Department strives to interact with the community and works to heighten community involvement through several avenues. Whether recruiting new employees from across the globe or searching locally for participants in our many clinical trials, we are continually reaching out to the community around us. As a whole our Department employees over five hundred faculty members, both full-time and part-time.

We hope you find this site to be an enjoyable and informative method by which you can familiarize yourself with our Department. Please do not hesitate to contact the Chairman’s Office or any of our Divisions directly if you have any further questions or comments.